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Israel BookIsrael is a country of contrasts and contradictions. It is one of the most ancient regions of the world, yet home to one of the globe’s youngest nations. It is one of the most technologically innovative countries in the world, but also a land iof ancient history, ruins and sites.

Seven million people are crammed into this tiny country, where immigrants from every corner of the globe have made their home. People may be approachable and friendly or aggressive and brusque. They live in a state of heightened awareness, knowing that danger is imminent. Everywhere you look people are immersed in conversation; cafes filled to capacity till late at night.

You can drive from north to south in less than a day and people do, thinking nothing of driving from one city to another to have dinner with friends. Dilapidated buildings sit side by side with sophisticated cafes and modern apartment blocks. Whatever the face Israel presents, it seldom fails to enchant, surprise and intrigue.




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